"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

Oops I stepped into 28 !, Belated BIRTHDAY Wishes To Me

One more Birthday has come and just passed by. July 4’th was my birthday, these days I became lazy to do something & no integrity…need to fix it quickly before it dominates. Thanks for wishing me thru orkut, sms and by call. Here is my previous birthday entries. (1) 2005 July 4 – B’ day Entry, (2) 2006 July 4 – B’ day Entry, (3) 2007 July 4 – B’ day Entry and (4) now 2008. Every birthday i used to sit for a while and think of the 365 days matters in a short to summarize my improvements in all spheres. This Year for a change, I want to try something by comparing the changes around me and added to me in a personal/career/social wise. let me try..leave your comment if you have any specific piece for me for this change.

Changes happened so for..
Age 27 -> 28, Techie->Coder+Techie, single/unmarried ->single/unmarried, Titan->Casio data bank ,Fila ->RBK, 3 Roses ->Parivar chai Time, Morning walking ->Aerobics, Rented rooms ->Own Flat, 64 KG ->65 KG, local Sify ->Railwire broadband, ASP.NET 2.0,C# 2.0 -> ASP.Net 3.5+C# 3.0+ADO.NET+Silverlight+DLinq, Sharemarket/MF -> No equities/(sold out at good time) , Blog hits 23 K hits -> 49 K hits, Regional movies -> Hollywood, Rediff -> IMDB+Wikipedia+codeplex+GEarth, ORkut ->ORkut+facebook+SiliconIndia+linkedIn, OutlookMoney ->ET, Thinker -> doer, Avg developer-> Aspiring Architect, blabber -> Listener,Newspaper – No NewsPaper, TV-> Anti-TV, Nandhini -> Heritage, Firefox 2.0 -> Firefox 3.0, RSS Feeds ~100 -> ~240 Feeds , Bus -> Passenger Train, Books/magazines -> Ebooks &,TimesofIndia -> Mint (WallstreetJournal), Bike ->Cycle. e advice on this.

Changes required..So for i’ve not donated money to any trust/orphanage directly, but i’ve experience with temple donation. I would like to visit any nearby orphanage, dress to poor, books to nearby, be eco friendly, no to plastic bags, eat sensibly, no non-veg, try fruits, less mobile calls, cycle to work, no lift, walk to shops, live simple, recycle, self cleaning the house,no packed foods, no heater&fan, no late payment through cards, no self praise, never expose plans, stop useless downloads, be punctual, be plan, printout on both sides, no food wastage, temple visit,no to tv, no newspaper, no backtalk, no politics, use outlook calendar to record timing, have a good clock, Have water bottle, carry bag to work..I want to change..the change starts now..Life is beautiful. I would like to review the same thing on my next b;day..until move on..Mahes~                                           Photos : from flickr.


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