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What Systeminfo Command do actually ?

Systeminfo – dos
command :

1.      It
displays OS info, OS configuration, security information, product ID,
and hardware properties, such as RAM, disk space, and network cards.

2.      It
also supports querying the remote Systeminfo with username and password.

Apart from this, this niche
utility will help us to find the some of the interesting fact about the system,
such as..

  1. OS
    installed date and time

  2. Windows

  3. System
    up time

  4. System
    model, type, processor installed

  5. BIOS

  6. Boot

  7. VM
    size, Physical Memory size ( all in MB )

  8. Virtual
    Memory usage and size

  9. Page
    file location

  10. Domain
    attached to

  11. info
    about installed Hotfixes and

  12. Network
    card info with IP etc…

Here is an example,


Hope this helps Network
admin people to query and save to a file for better troubleshooting and get to
know the system info.

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