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Main Difference between ADO.NET and ADO

One of my friend who is preparing
for interview has asked me the difference between ADO.NET and ADO, I’m
sure I’m not answered well for his Q, so later decided to experiment on this.
Here is the result collected from different source organized in tabular manner
for better understanding.

Features                                                           ADO                                         ADO.NET

(1) In-memory representation of data
               Recordset                                 DataSet

(2) No.of Tables                                                Single
Table                              Can
hold ‘n’ Tables

(3) Relation between these table                         Not
Possible                             Possible          

(4) Record Navigation                                  
     Cursors (ex: movenext)              Collections
through class (Ex: Rowcollection, Columncollection etc)

(5) Connections Type                                 
       Opened Type                            Disconnected

(6) Communication                                    
       OLE DB Provider                      OleDbDataAdapter,
SqlDataAdapter etc

(7) Transmit data between diff application    
      By Com Marshalling                  By
simple Dataset export to XML files

(8) Transmiting data types                          
       Through Com, only limited         Through
XML format, no restriction on data types

* Hope this clears him, rather saying traditional connected and disconnected J if you feel like
something is missed out, ping me in comment.


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  1. HI mahesh
    This is good one.
    This is very useful to me.Keep it up. 


    Comment by baskara | August 16, 2007 | Reply

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