"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

Birthdays are always special for anyone – It helps me to set, organize my career towards my goal !

Birthdays are always special for anyone – It helps me to set, organize my career towards my goal !

Belated BIRTHDAY Wishes To Me CyberiaFreak – July 4

        One more Birthday has come and just passed by. Yesterday was my birthday. Im so happy and thanking almighty for filling my life with good people and tech stuffs around me always. Im just going through nice time in my life with new dress, nice shirt from my sister, last birthday memories, old team mates, temple visit with my sister, shopping with palanivel, biscuits to near by labour camp kids...etc. Thanks to all my friends who called me, sent messages, scrapped in Orkut, dropped offline messages, official b’day wishes from hr etc.. COOL in Sivaji style J

Whats happening with me now :
Work: Tracking phase completed and had a client meeting, so I was in office for sometime, later left for the day.

(2) General: laptop, financial jargons, investment in MFs, bought an ULIP, opened a PPF account, Sivaji movie with Jayaveer(Guru J)  

(3) Career: Installed ORCAS– VS 2008, started going through it, gained some knowledge on Sharepoint, project work on 2.0 etc. gained considerably knowledge in architect side also. Completed 18 months in SRIT ( Going through advanced topics, still need to cover Design patterns and MCSD papers, Integration and communication technologies. MS preparation on track and waiting for wireless netconnection. So overall Im going to complete 3 Years of experience in another 2 months.

For, 2006 Birthday!410E76C6390C7090!609.entry

        2005 Birthday!410E76C6390C7090!362.entry

Thanks for reading, life is beautiful – urs, Mahe


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