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Know more about- SQL Server 2005 default Database.

Hi all, Since my new project task requires me to learn SQL Server 2005 stuffs..right now I’m into Sql server learning…here is the snippet of my learning..SQL Server 2005 default databases are- master,model,msdb and tempdb.

(1)master -composed of system tables that keeps track of server installation as a whole and all other databases that are subsequently created. The SQL Server Management Studio query window defaults to the master database context. Any queries executed from the query window will execute in the master database unless you change the context.

(2)model -template database. Every time a new database is created, SQL Server makes a copy of the model database (and all of the objects in it) to form the basis of the new database. If you want all your new databases to inherit certain properties, you could include these properties and objects in your model database.

(3)msdb -contains the metadata and database objects used by the SQL Server agent that performs scheduled activities such as backups and replication tasks.

(4)tempdb -temporary database or workspace recreated every time SQL Server is restarted. tempdb is used for temporary tables created by users and to hold intermediate results created internally by SQL Server during query processing and sorting.

Catch you all with more stuffs…


February 6, 2007 - Posted by | SQL SERVER - My Own code

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