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Be cautious with IIS Lockdown tool

hi all,
  Few days back when I was checking IIS lockdown tool, mistakenly I installed it but no way to get out it. As a result week later when i compiled my ASP.NET web page, it thrown error message saying debug Verb missing. After googlin in net I come to know this is because of that tool. So there is no control Z here if you installed mistakenly. Here is the workaround to get out of this.
Err in VS.NET when i attempt for run: The Web Server Has Been Locked Down and Is Blocking the DEBUG Verb
IIS lockdown tool has the ability to turn off unnecessary features and restrict the type of HTTP requests that the server will process.
To enable debugging on a Web server with URLScan installed
   1. Search for Urlscan.ini file else you will find it here at C:\WINNT\System32\Inetsrv\urlscan
   2. Open the Urlscan.ini file in Notepad.
   3. In Urlscan.ini, look for AllowVerbs section  then add DEBUG in that section.
   4. And also remove it from DenyVerbs section.
   5. Save the file.
   6. Restart the server or restart IIS.
Hope this would be interesting if you were trapped..

December 30, 2006 - Posted by | .NET General

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