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ISV Community Days, Bangalore 15-06 – Review

As usual starts with keynote speaking by Deepak Gulati ( eminent speaker among audience. This time I got lot of time to chat with him personally and officially also. He is also getting married coming month end it seems. Congrats DEEPAK for getting married !! I love his patience and way of taking the audience question. He is such a humble person allows others to complete their talk. I really liked it. Infact I need to follow this 😉

During keynote itself he shared the much expected and recent release of Expression Studio. Its basically consists of 4 tools, making the full set of Expression studio. Yes, It has following tools as a part of it. Refer my previous post on this,

1.Blend (Interactive Designer) – Import the designs from Design and add animation kind of effects here. (like flash but not Flash )

2.Design (Graphic Designer) – It’s a Vector graphics tool but not replacement for Photoshop

3.Web (Web Desginer) – starts from importing to designing cool web pages happens here.

4.Media – its kind of video editor , let say you can apply effects to your video kind of stuff. I think its like A. Premier but not complete replacement for A. Premier

Finally he talked about WPF/E – Subset of windows presentation, its nothing but animation kind of file (XAML) we can run it in our explorer like flash without writing much of code or design. But badly needs runtime file for running in IE also. It widely supports all browser it seems. IE, Safari, Firefox etc.

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Windows Vista: Opportunities and Roadmap

Session starts with User experience and features in windows vista, and also shared side by side tips also. Here are the random scribbling from my scribbling pad during the session.

  1. Win key + Tab – for flip 3’rd in Windows Vista ,
  2. DWMAPI.dll – mix of GDI –
  3. Search in windows vista is refined a lot with Index search, yes you can search with metadata of that file to get the exact matches .

4) UAC – ( Control + shift + enter ) to run as admin, let say if you want to elevate your privileges in cmd prompt etc.

5) run > bcdedit – boot config editor in vista, no more win.ini file in Vista onwards.

6) Guided Help , Windows Sidebar, WMI query about anything related to System

WMI codecreator – free tool –

Virtual store – C:\dir%localappdata%\virtualstore\windows all the unprotected files are created.

How to embed a manifest in an assembly: let me count the ways… , boot.ini – replaced with bcedit in vista , werconn – error log in vista , superfetch

readyboost – USB pagefile.sys to second drive , gadget – sidebar

Installing gadget – localappdata > windows>windowssidebar>gadgets ( copy your .gadget file)

another way of installing…rename to zip > hello.gadget and click.

RSS, IE 7 – speech synthesiser, ssml, acwstudio2.exe

12:00 PM – 1:35 PM     WPF

Databinding. , Interop with your existing WinForms code.,binding..CLR object, WPF,, XML ,1 way, 2 way, sameway,,Element host — windowsformhost etc

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM     WCF

SOA model of WCF simplifies development of connected systems.

WSE – Security, Transactional, WS policy, WS negx exchange, WS trust, Identity mgmt

There is no place like

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM    WWF

incorporating workflows into your applications.

I simply skipped this session, since its already covered in pastevents.


You can download the presentations and code samples from: or alternatively from his personal space:– Thanks deepak for sharing this link by mail.

Hope this would be useful grab it and also ’m going on vacation for holidays.

See you all later,


Happy holidays,



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