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Eight Queens puzzle explored !

 Have you ever tried or come across solution for Eight Queens puzzle  …I’m wondering how many geeks might have tried this in various ways. I really don’t know about this until I found it in Krishna(Google employee blg –
  After weekend partying, movie(Munnabhai II), shopping for Diwali and no work on sunday pushed me to try something new or learn things to complete the day usefully. Result I started walking towards office, Asusual I started my expedition with wikipedia for this puzzle.I’m not sure for ‘n’ I decided to take a printout of this for morning study leisurely in room. Meanwhile if any of you tried this feel free to share.
 Note: There are only nine unique solution for this problem it seems. But after googlin in net about this, somewhere I got a simple calculation for this.
                 (2^8-1)/(8-1) = 255/7 = 36.428571 (rounded to 6 decimals)
   But in nut shell if you are an avg geek like me in maths here is the cheatcode. Place your queens in [2,4,6,8, 3175 ] manner to get this..bingoo  src :
happy solving !

October 8, 2006 - Posted by | Power Toys - Personal

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