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Importace of obfuscation in .NET..?

Hi all,
    I have seen and used Reflector to Decompile certain control libraries from Net to understand the Crux of the Dll. The same way I used to dig more into String libraries and some of Devx libraries to understand the implementation to create custom libraries.
Any user who has legacy application’s assemblies can use a tool like Lutz Roeder’s Reflector ( to decompile the assembly’s intermediate language back to C# or VB code.
  But How to Stop them decompiling ?  Here is the Obfuscation comes into picture. It prevents the user to Decompile the Dll, even they try they will be end with binaries and junks. So its useless for them.
   An application’s source code can be protected from decompilers by using a technique called obfuscation. Obfuscation is the process of modifying the intermediate language generated by the compiler into a form that is functionally identical to the original code, but is difficult if not impossible to decompile back into a high-level language.
Decompilation—the process of turning the compiled syntax back into a high-level syntax—is especially easy with technologies such as the Microsoft® .NET Framework and Java.

Advantage of Reflector/Decompiling :
 a) One can greatly expertise in understanding the Dll code.
 b) Reveals the crux of the Dll
 c) Provides clear understanding of the code they’ve written.
 d) Encourages anyone to go for their own Datagrid or control by looking into the existing one.

 a) Breaks even the copyrighted Dll infomation also.
 b) Affects companies hardwork and logic spent on developing those coded Dll.
 c) Easy to release a kind of Dll by developing/implementing the same logic what they have done.
 d) Affects companies growth and privacy, copyright etc.
       Will you agree that Obfuscation is mandatory for all..?

September 25, 2006 - Posted by | .NET General

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  1. Thanks Jason for adding this post in Interesting Finds. Thanks for your sharing.


    Comment by Mahesh | September 26, 2006 | Reply

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