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Better PC Performance – Part I

hi all,
Most of my friends use to ask about how to tweak our PC for better performance. Here is the regular stuff i used to check/do for myself.
My usual weekend Routine for better performance :
1.Clean desktop files, replying draft mails and keep desktop neat and clean with new wallpaper friday evening. so monday morning
you’ll fell fresh 😉
2.Clean internet related cookies, temp files, URL’s, history, typed urls etc
3.Check "Msconfig" for any anonymous file startup
4.Cleanmgr command – cheap utility
5.To open my computer faster
  In Windows Explorer> go to tools > folder ptions > view > disable automatically search for networl folders and printers.
6.Regedit >
          H_C_U > control planel > desktop > WaitToKillAppTimeout( set 1000 )
          H_C_U > control planel > desktop > HungAppTimeout ( set 1000 )
          H_Users> control planel > desktop > WaitToKillAppTimeout( set 1000 )
          H_Users> control planel > desktop > HungAppTimeout ( set 1000 )
7.Remove unwanted file Sharing
8.Remove unwanted autoupdates in media player, Jbuilder, Real Player etc
9.Stop the Error reporting options from Mycomputer Properties
10.Remove the unwanted shortcuts in Desktop’s and in startup startmenu’s (including winzip,winamp,adobe acrobad reader etc) – right click and
delete it
11. cmd > FSUTIL behavior set disablelastaccess 1
12. check in task manager and useless services at startup from Services.msc ( ex : fax, FTP publishing,TAPI,Wireless Zero Configuration etc )
any time you can start when you need. Depends on your usuage.
13. Run > Regedit
   Path : HLM > Microsoft > windows > Currentversion > Run { delete the unwanted startups here also }
14. Disable sound option in Messanger.
15. Remove the unwanted icons and lables in Internet explorer. Dont allow
16. Organize your files with Proper folder name and delete the mutiple copies or backup which is outdated/useless.
17. I highly recommend system mechanic which will perform all this tricks without taking much time
These are list of things I used to do for tweaking the performance. I recommend to refrain from this tips if you are a new bie to computers.
Pls let me know if I missed out anything/ anyother interested stuff is there to perform !!
Happy tweaking !!

August 7, 2006 - Posted by | Power Toys - Personal

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