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WCF or Remoting ..? Why MS not recommending Remoting.

WCF is Microsoft recommended direction

(1)WCF was released on January 2006 with Go-Live Licenses, but it will be officially released on November of this year

(2)WCF is a 100% Service Oriented Architecture application development platform

(3)WCF Security Architecture is interoperable, based on WS-* specifications and it’s designed for On-Machine, Cross-Machine, and Cross-Internet scenarios.

(4)WCF Transaction Architecture is full flexible, declarative and has method level granularity

(5)WCF binary messages are smaller and faster than Remoting’s.

(6)Services versioning is better dealt with WCF than with Remoting.


.Net Remoting for .Net Framework 2.0:

(1)Remoting is not recommended by Microsoft

(2)Remoting for .Net Framework 2.0 was released in December 2005

(3)Remoting is tightly coupled Object Oriented technology and not loosely coupled Service Oriented.

(4)It has security limitations, though now it has the new secure TcpChannel (5)With System.Transactions we can get similar transaction management capabilities but not in a declarative way


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