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(WinFx) Vista Ascend Training – Bangalore,Day 1

      I had Vista Ascend Training – Phase I ( WinFx or longhorn Programming ) in bangalore -last December 2005, Following that I got invitation for Phase II – also(Feb 2006).
     Since my previous company is Microsoft ISV, I’ve enjoyed the maximum previleages and training offered by Microsoft like ISV community days, WinFx Training, MSDN Website access to download Vista etc.
      But as I blogged earlier, recently I got into SRIT, so at the end of my very first day training they come to know that I’m no more with SNIP and also my new company is also not under Microsoft ISV.
      Even though we are Microsoft Partner, we are not coming under Ascend training ( may be we should be under Microsoft ISV program ..guess !! ). So they told me not to attend from tomorrow ( Feb 28 ).
    I just started my first day happily with MS passion and stuffs but finally ends my day in distress for me… But it was great day for me to kick start my WinFx passion.All in all it’s been a great experience once again on WinFx. 
Vista Ascend Training – Phase 1 in Bangalore [ Dec 5  – Dec 9, 2005]
Vista Ascend Training – Phase 2 in Bangalore [ Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2006]
Feb 27,2006 [ TOC ]
 Welcome and Training Overview 
 Windows Vista Overview 
 Windows Vista User Experience 
 Consuming Search and Organize Services 
 Best Practices for User Account Control in Windows Vista 
 Developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets 
Feb 28,2006 [ TOC ]
WPF: Overview and 2D Graphics  
WPF: Tools  
WPF: Styles, Templates & Resources  
WPF: Databinding  
WPF: Animation  
WPF: Documents, Text & File Formats 
Mar 1,2006 [ TOC ]
Peer-to-Peer Networking 
Lap Around Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 
WCF Client Scenarios (Part 1) 
WCF Client Scenarios (Part 2) 
Mar 2,2006 [ TOC ]
Lap Around Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 
WF Client Scenarios 
Visual C++ Tools for Security, Reliability and Performance 
C++ CLI 
Consuming RSS Data from your Applications 
Mar 3,2006 [ TOC ]
Building a Great Deployment Experience 
Windows Error Reporting for ISVs 
Other Vista Technologies 
Wrap up and exit surveys
Here is my very first day highlight(Feb 27) :
Session I
   Welcome and Training Overview  by Jasonsue [WinFx Evangelist,MS Redmond ] –    Intro by JasonSue about Training and benefit.
Session II. Windows Vista Overview  – by Praveen Srivastava
    Hands on Lab on Vista –  with latest build. I have 5112 build in my room which i have already tested but this have few cool  features updated.
   It works very smoother and faster in 2 GB of RAM when compared to 256 in my pc 🙂

Session III.Windows Vista User Experience  -by Praveen Srivastava
    Slides about Vista again and Migration from non-vista GUI to Vista GUI.
   * Control SpY 2.0 [ ComCtl32.dll ]\
   * TDpad – Task Dailogue pad
   To create a custom dialog box – xAML [ its a XAML editor ]
   Segoe UI (pronounced "SEE-go") is the new Microsoft® Windows Vista ™ system font. 
Session IV. Consuming Search and Organize Services  by Praveen Srivastava
   Its more about New File Property bag and search techniques.WE can add our custom properties to any file which can be shared in network by publishing metafile.
   WinFs -
   WinFS is the code name of a Windows storage subsystem. Its a relational database that represents  itself to the operating system as a file storage subsystem.
Session V.  Best Practices for User Account Control in Windows Vista  -by Praveen 
 It creates a special type of account that runs in Admin Approval Mode (AAM). By default, an account in Admin mode runs as a limited user.
             But when the user needs higher privileges, he can supply administrator credentials or consent, depending on Group Policy settings, that will permit her to perform an administrator-level task, such as installing new software.
             These higher privileges are only in effect for the specific task and do not affect other programs. When the task is complete—for example, the new software has been installed—the elevated process running that task ends and the elevated privileges are gone.
LUA Predictor – LUA Privilege Predictor
The LUA Privilege Predictor (LUA = Least User Access) is being developed to simplify this approach
Session VI. Developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets  -by Praveen Srivastava
  Again same Hands on lab stuff on developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets..
 I’m trying to get highlights through my SNIP colleague(Pramod & Champaka)
Happy WinFx.’ing !!
painfull walker !!

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