"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

Very First day and date with .NET Remoting

Hi bloggers & friends,
I’ve a good news…Yes,Keeping career perspective in my mind, Finally I’ve moved to new job and designation offered by SRIT( Looking here lots of opportunities & possibilities to grow and learn. 
 Getting ready to code for .NET interoperability with JAVA via (J-Integra server – bridge between JAVA and .NET, support object sharing, passing values, references, HastTable etc …)
 So I’m starting ground work on the followin Jargons..
 (1) What and why Remoting an Object ?
 (2) Why Remoting Instead Webservice ?
 (3) Which is Faster ?
  Web services-SOAP-based communications-slower
  .NET Remoting – binary communications mechanisms – Faster
 (4) Why not JAVA’s RMI and difference with .NET remoting ?
 (5) What is use of Remoting ?
 (6) How to call JAVA Objects in .NET and work on that ?
 (7) How to pass data to JAVA Objects ?
 (8) What is the use of J-Integra, JNBridgePro & JANET
 (9) Is it possible to convert Bytecode to MSIL ? YEs
if anyone worked on interoperability..please guide me and share ur design ideas and patterns if any ??
Wish me for good luck.
With Luv –
Happy Coding ! Happy Working !

December 27, 2005 - Posted by | .NET General

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