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Windows Workflow Strategy – WinFX(WWF)

* A new workflow platform accompanying Microsoft’s next client OS (Windows Vista) will let developers build workflow automation directly into Windows applications without requiring external services or servers such as BizTalk.

** The term workflow typically refers to the sequence of activities, interactions, events, and flow of information that make up end-to-end business processes, typically processes that involve both humans and computer systems or applications.

Workflow platforms typically provide the following:

(1) Graphical languages and developer tools :
 Enable business users and other nondevelopers to review or revise business process logic. Many platforms enable users to add or delete process steps on the fly.

(2)Run-time engines
 It automate common steps (such as sending e-mail and waiting for a response to a message), reducing the amount of code a developer must write. The engines customarily support the long-running operations typical in human-oriented business processes; for example, an engine might wait several days for a response from a participant, and must do so without failing, generating an error, or blocking other process steps.

(3)Communication mechanisms
 It support human-to-human, human-to-machine, and machine-to-machine interactions; for example, workflow platforms allow humans to route task requests and other information to one another or to the applications involved in a business process.

(4) Monitoring and deployment tools:
 It allows users to monitor workflow state, such as the status of tasks (for example, not started, in-progress, or complete), and reduce the effort required to update applications with new business logic, compared with updating and redeploying a conventional application.

Points to look for ::

* WWF will replace BizTalk’s current run-time engine in a future version of the product, and applications built on the BizTalk 2004 or BizTalk 2006 platforms will likely not be compatible with a WWF-based engine.
* WWF will replace BizTalk’s orchestration engine in a future version of the product, likely the version following BizTalk 2006


December 14, 2005 - Posted by | WinFX

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