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My WinFX Training – Snippet II

Hi all,
 Continuing my first part on my WinFX training experience @ Microsoft.
    * 5 pillars of connected system
                       Integrated user experience(Avalon)
                       Service oriented(Indigo) -Dec 6
                       Pervasive workflow(WinOE) -Dec 7
                       Federated Identity(INfocard) -Dec 8
                       Federated Data
WCF-> Understanding the windows communication foundation
A Unified programming model and runtime environment for rapidly building secure, reliable software services with managed code.  Classes added to the .net Framework 2.0. Software designed for interaction over a network with an interface described in WSDL.
  WCF follows WSDL (Webservice Description LAnguage) closely.
    WSDL Section         WSDL Term        
     a.  Where              Service
     b   How                  Binding  ADDRESS& BINDING
     c.  What                Porttype ->COntract
Address- More than 1 endpoints , Hosting in IIS or WAS
Bindings –  Transports -(HTTP,TCP,Named Pipes, MSMQ), Encoder – ( Text, Binary,MTOM ), Protocols – WS Security, Reliable Messagin System,Infocard (SSO – Single Sign On)
WWF-> programming model,engine and tools quickly building workflow enabled applications on windows.
Single workflow tech for windows,Available to all customers of windows,Available for use across a broad range of scenarios,Redefining  Workflow,
    EX: Escalate TO Manager, Check Inventory
IIs 7.0 new Features :                      
     1. Generalized process actitivation
     2. extensible multi protocol support
     3. Configuration Health Manager
    4. side by side delopyment
    5. fully componentized
Few notable hints :
* Gianpaolo blog on WinFx-
* ADFS – Active Directory Federated Service
* WCF Team {ABC -Address, Bining, Contract }
                      AB – specified in config file, C  – .NET Interface implementation
* Svcutil – wsdl generator for WinFx programming
* WAS – Windows Activation Service – sits on the top of all TCP/Listeners
* Active Directoty Federation Service (azman.msc)
* Office 12 can be Integrated with SEIBEL/SAP  Through XML WEbSErvices/Office XML FIle Formats
Note: Salute to Mr. Rajagopal for classic DOS command such as (1) DIR win*.* /s/p – for search, (2) CD sys*32 etc and Thanks to Mr. Ramesh M,Program Manager, E solutions, Chennai for sharing his notes.
Happy WinFX programming..!!

December 12, 2005 - Posted by | WinFX

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