"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

I was there in Palace Ground for BILL GATES VISIT –

I was there in Palace Ground on DEC 9,2005 for Billgates visit. It was such a great day for developers to celebrate his visit . I reached P.Ground 10 AM in morning and got registered & We were waited upto 2.30 PM for the program start. After Rock Song by Parikrama, Gates appeared on the stage with colourfull lights focussing him. Crowd stand up for great applause to welcome him and to honour. Then he gave speech on latest IT Trends and importance of IT & few slides about SQL and VS 2005 also.
 He also announced about "Code4bill" contest for student community, Top 20 students will be offered a two month internship at Microsoft,top lucky winner will get to work with Bill Gates. Contest Starts from January 2006 to March 2006.For more Info –   It is again like idea of Google’s CODE JAM  2005
After his speech, Gaurav Khanna and his team presented demo on VS 2005. Exactly @ 4.30 we started moving for DIGITAL lifestyle exhibition  inaugurated by Gates on the same Palace Ground. Nothing special about it, but Windows Media Center Edition 2005 was the crowd puller,various companies showcased Media edition loaded hardwares. finally I had a great weekend which starts with bad accident ,training from microsoft,good news from SRIT and finally gates
Keep going guru !!  🙂

December 12, 2005 - Posted by | MS Events in India (Bangalore)

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