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Microsoft ISV Community Days,BLR, Sep 20 – My review

Microsoft ISV Community Days : Bangalore : September 20, 2005
Le Meridien, Sankey Road ,Time : 10.00 AM – 4.30 PM
Keynote :
MS Product Roadmap, MS & Nasscom suport for marketing products from India and also he stressed our Indian products quality importance to global markets.
More details about MS Quality Assurance prog at :
Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) – MS guidance for Designing prodcuts :
Session I :
Data Binding in Winforms 2.0 – VS 2005 by Rajiv Sodhi,a developer evangelist, India
(1) Datasource Window – drag and drop creating instances of Dataset,Tableadapter,Binding source
     [ In VS 2005 Beta2 Editor, Data >  show data sources-Shift+ALt+D ] to display the Datasource pane.
(2) Strongly typed dataset ..? – Advantage and Usage
(3) Table Adapter..? – expln
(4) Binding Source..? – expln
(5) Record navigation..? -expln
(6) master-detail scenarios are handled with ease
(7) OBJECT DATA BINDING – single obj, binding list,generic..
More details at source :
  Overall : Its a really very good, informative, mindblowing session from Rajiv,he’s Smart & admiring person.
Session II :
Reporting Services in Sql Server – Vs 2005 by Rajiv Sodhi

(1) Server-based reporting solution – author, manage, Web–based reports.
    [ In VS 2005, New project > Business Intelligence Project > (sample.rdl)
    RDL – new language defined for reporting called reporing definition language. It is provided with powerfull editor for data,source and previewing the reports in VS 2005.
(3) Report management..?
(4) Report Delivery..supports multiple formats [ html,word,pdf,xml,csv,email,tiff] and also thru pull and push
(5) Report services – two modes {Server mode,local mode}
(6) Report viewer – accepts RDLC as input. rep.def.lan for client
* Reporting services for SQL is available as serparte download from MS website.
Session III
Data Driven appln in ASP.NET 2.0 – by  Deepak gulati, blog @
(1) Fundamentals of data access
(2) Topics covered include binding to a SQL database- performing sorting, paging, update, insert, and delete operations;
(3) Building data access and business object layers.
(4) Rendering customization using templates,performance through caching
Overall its a good for VS 2005 beta 2 users.Presentation is going to publish in deepak check out his blog for presentation and demo source.
Anyone looks for more resources..just comment it below..

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