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HResults and COM exceptions..

I’m not a COM expert, but accidently i was getting this error becoz i’ve included an unmanaged OCX in my C# Winapp.
"Warning details : Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. "
Its really difficult for me to get what it mean..? Becoz i’m sure this would be thrown by that OCX, but i dont know whats really happened to my app..?
Identifying an error
HRESULT values are often written using hexidecimal (base 16) notation—some of the most common standard HRESULTS are shown in the table below.
 Symbolic Constant Hexidecimal Value Description
S_OK 00000000 – Standard return value indicating successful completion 
S_FALSE 00000001 – Alternate success value, indicating successful but nonstandard completion (precise meaning depends on context)
E_UNEXPECTED – 8000FFFF Catastrophic failure 
E_NOTIMPL – 80004001 Not implemented 
E_OUTOFMEMORY 8007000E Out of memory 
E_INVALIDARG 80070057 One or more arguments are not valid 
E_NOINTERFACE 80004002 Interface not supported 
E_POINTER 80004003 Pointer not valid 
E_HANDLE 80070006 Handle not valid 
E_ABORT 80004004 Operation aborted 
E_FAIL 80004005 Unspecified error 
E_ACCESSDENIED 80070005 General access denied 
Thanks to Jaredpar blog for his explanation.
Anyone faced this interop COM error in .NET..?

September 9, 2005 - Posted by | .NET General

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