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Microsoft Unveils Official Name – ‘Windows Vista’

Longhorn To Be Named ‘Windows Vista’ – Microsoft Unveils Official Name
* Activewin just posted that Windows codename Longhorn will be called Windows Vista. The official new name for the Longhorn operating system is Microsoft "Windows Vista", according to insider sources.
* The word ‘VISTA’ defined means "pleasing view."
* Beta 1 – Longhorn, or Windows Vista – by August 3
   Beta 2  – expected in early 2006
* Sources tell BetaNews Microsoft is also rallying the troops — MVPs and close partners — to gear up for the Beta 1 release.
 "Clear, Confident, Connected: Bringing clarity to your world." – LongHorn – Windows – Vista 🙂
Lets wait and see the Beta 1 release on August 1 week…

July 23, 2005 - Posted by | 100 % Fun...[really Worth]

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