"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

Spyware !! Beware »»

Jmm, Spyware can be called as "TROJAN HORSE","BACKDOORS","MALICIOUS SOFTWARE","HACKERS TOOL","INFO STEALER", "BLACK HORSE" – all nicknames for spyware. I’m just recalling my college project days,I played with nifty spyware called "SUbseven" in lab machine for fun ..Yes seriuosly speaking, you can do whatever you want..ANYTHING !!

From that onwards I’m very much aware about my privacy wherever i go….

Regular ROUTINES I used to do with my working PC’s includes,

 1.MSConfig -startup like VNC, Damware or suspicious exe if any..
 2.REgedit – Auditing H_L_M, RUN
 3.Task mgr – EXE’s
 4.netstat -a
 5.Installing MS Antispy or SPYBOT
 6.Cleanmgr – for deleting cookies,URLS’s etc

BEAWAre..!!! Stay the hackers @ BAY..!!

Spyware – Software performs certain tasks on your computer, typically without your knowledge or permission. Advertising,spying personal info,unwanted software and how you can help protect your Computer..?

Down at source »»

 hack ur brain !
 Steal ur Soul !!
             wula …… 🙂


June 15, 2005 - Posted by | Security

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