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MS Performance Clinic today…wow

I’m just blogging about my experience i had @ TAJ for MS happened today….


  MICROSOFT Performance Clinic @ Taj residency[near to my office], Blr

  1. Session I : Performance Tuning concepts and Fundamentals + 
  2. Session II: .NET Framework performance tuning  by -> Ramkumar Gothandaraman
  3. Session III:  SQL Performance Tuning ->by Govind

Session I : Performance Tuning concepts and Fundamentals

Covered about designing high performance application and also, Array vs Linked list, GC Vs Malloc , Basic concepts Threading, lock convey, locking guideliness etc. Mainly focuessed on three topics :
  i)CLR Metadata,
  ii)object Layout,
  iii) Garbage collector,

Some keypoints shared during this session was,

 *230 intructions are in Metadata or .NET assembly and GC generation

Importance of Performance,

 While (project.state==’designing’)
   allocate performance budget;
   know the cost of things you call;
          measure, measure, measure ;
          change the plan or design;

Session II: .NET Framework Performance Tuning

Measuring tools for CLR :
 CLR Profiler – demo
 Perfmon – demo
Diagnostics tools for CLR ::
 CLR Profiler – demo
 Windbg – demo

** Reflection – dynamic extended functions at runtime. ex: plugins can be dynamically added ‘n’ numbers for VS.NET, so our appln should compatible with coming new plugins.

ASP.NET performance tuning

1. Data consideration
2. Cachin
3. State management

Session III: SQL Performance Tuning  

SQL performance monitoring tools and demo,

1.Sql analyzer
4.server event trace
5.error log
6.system stored procedures
7.DSS diagram
8. DMV’s and DMF’s *yukon  – Few Live demo for this

*Optimization process
  > It has 180 optimization rules have to optimizate sql queries

** few sql commands
  > sp_who2
  > select *from sys.sysprocess order by cpu desc
  > DBCC SQLPERF (umsstats)
  > select *from sys.syscacheobjects
  > DBCC show_statistics (only in yukon)

Had a great stuff today @ Taj Residency, just 100 meter from my office. This was my 3’rd  visit TAJ for seminar. Nice place, had a great lunch…wow lot of non-veg item this time, i had like anything 🙂 , Do comments if you want to share something about this event,,,



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