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MS TechNet & MSDN Session – In Bangalore(22/4/2005)

:::: My One day experience (last Friday-22/4/2005) Microsoft Events in Bangalore :::::

It was a great day for me and lot many things happened on that same day.I had bit feelings in morning, intresting time in afternoon , dramatic time in late afternoon in cubbon park:), happiest time in evening @ Office after seeing my interview mail call – totally wonderful day for me…

TECHNET SESSION @ Hotel Capital,Bangalore – By Microsoft
First session :

 IIS 6.0 performance Tuning
– bit same old stuff( i already heard lot about IIS 6.0 features in previous microsoft seminar happened @ Leela palace)

 But still , here is the few notable features of IIS 6.0
 1. We can create any instance of IIS 6.0 – called worker process
 2. Any individual aspnet_wp.exe (is called worker process) can be suspended easily wihout affecting remaining application
 3. More than one worker process can be grouped as pooling
 4. webgarden – no of processes ( yet to confirmed )
 5. Inetinfo.exe – system level
 6. all the worker process runs as network service
 7. We can scale out our web application upto 32 nodes, if we want to scale out to more than 32 nodes we have to use – DNS Round robin
 8. Tools to monitor the IIS Performance – Netmon, Perfmon, logman, tracerpt

presentation for this can be downloaded from Microsoft website @

Second Session :
As Intel was the official sponsor for this event, so they showcased few latest processor from their lab. As i blogged about 64 bit Operating system, here intel also developed Processor which supports 64 bprocessor OS.

 1. P4 HT (Medium application)
 2. Xeon  (Large scale application or server which executes complex application)
 3. Itanium (Highly complicated application needs this processor)
 4. P2- P square (Medium)

 MSDN Session ( speaker – – MS evangelist, well known for community member, bit humour person, able to speak more than 4 hours without boring the audience)
Session 1: Topic : INDIGO ….Go…GO > GO >> GO >>>>
here few caps about Indigo Session,
*It is an set of API, Set of namespaces….
*definition – Indigo is a set of .NET technology for building and managing sevice oriented system
*- unified programming model

Any transactional Services exposed to non-micosoft needs to go with INDIGO

 1. Web serivies does not support – Transaction
 2. Transaction in Com+
 3. MSn Ques- limited
 4. .NET Remoting – No transaction
so overcome all this above limitation, INDIGO Is only way to go  >>

 We can have more than one entry points for our servie…
asmx- ——
.NET remoting ——
enterprise services ——
system.messaging ———————> Indigo

Before dive into INDIGO , we should know wat is Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). Definetly in future all we coders have to think about SOA.

 SOA is nothing but evolved version of OO(Object Orientation)
 SO- Explicit Boundaries, Negotiation via policies, autonomous,Exposed Schema (not datatypes, Schema contract, More than one entry point for the consumer, reuse, dynamic,meaningful information – http, msnq, TCP, Pipe)
 OO – cannot go across compiler

*Remoting is nothing but Exposing contracts

*Marshaling layer –
*UDDI – lookup for webservice
*changin themselves without affecting others
*WSE – webservice Enhancements

Blogged in laptop, but uploaded today,,,Mahes~



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