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Micosoft Virtual PC 2004 –

  Virtual PC is a powerful software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one PC.

Its not dual booting, SIMULTANEOUS booting 🙂 of 2 Operating system in a single machine.

 Microsoft released Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 on December 2, 2003.
 src :

:::::::: I have seen this Virtual PC in Microsoft Seminar once, but i really forgot to ask about it. During seminar, for demonstration they used to switch between two Operating system. I thought it was some themes tweaking, but later came to know that 2 operating system running ||’ly with huge MB of RAM.

Yep not tried, but downloaded. Feeling little bit risky. So hope’ll try today in my own pc, not in OFFICE PC 🙂 . I still remember how i installed LinuX when i was in college 3 years back. Yes, no one knows(frnds) how 2 install linuX as dual boot with windows. I tried almost 13 times to get the dual boot menu. But penguin ate all my fat partition data badly. anyhow it was risky adventurous one. Later me and Vineeth MS did some experimental works and all….

If any guyz tried this please comment abt installation and safe removal



April 13, 2005 - Posted by | Power Toys - Personal


  1. hi..i am impressed by ur tweaks n stuff..i am also into moding,tweaking Xp n messing around with comps..n e wasy to business..u visited my blog you a GSIS student? Did u get my link From the OSA group. and yea DId u hate The bloody rules n the ADmin staff at Gsis?Thank you.


    Comment by Unknown | April 13, 2005 | Reply

  2. 1 more thing…can u mod/hack msn my blog(my 3rd put audio n stuff. if u got B band u can listen to it..also video is possible. Do you know of n e thing else.cheers.


    Comment by Unknown | April 13, 2005 | Reply

  3. Hey….thanx fr the advice…i\’ll add more stuff to my page…after my exams are over….thanx anyway….keep writing!!Sheena.


    Comment by Sheena | April 14, 2005 | Reply

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