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TIPS collection I – XP

Tips 1:

Log in Using Admin Account. This will help you when you have multiple account in XP. Just press twice [alt,ctrl,del] 2 times @ login screen. else press  [win key + l] and then try.

Tips 2:

Type in run prompt to see the task list in DOS prompt.  Run >cmd > tasklist

Tips 3:

Type in run prompt to clean all your temp and History.  Run >cmd > cleanmgr

Tips 4:

For fast Shutting down in XP,

  * use Group Policy Editor [for Windows XP Professional]
                ** Click Start, Run and type "Secpol.msc"
                *** Click Local Policies | Security Options

In the right-pane, set Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile to Disabled


  This is not only cause for slow shutdowns. Non-responsive programs and Services also contribute to slow shutdowns. Lowering the WaitToKillServiceTimeOut may help may help as well.
The WaitToKillServiceTimeout value name in the registry allows you to specify a length of time that the service control manager must wait for services to complete the shut-down request. Open Registry Editor and navigate to:


Reduce the Service timeout value (default being 20000ms) to your preference. This is kill the non responsive application while shut down.



April 12, 2005 - Posted by | XP_cool Tips

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  1. hey,great job..!i came across ur space by accident n i must agree i found awesome tweaks here…i keep coming back for more…cuz computers interest me n i find great tips here…i must say i\’m impressed!!good work…Keep it up!!


    Comment by Unknown | April 15, 2005 | Reply

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