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Mistakenly deleted ….how to recover

Yesterday, gr8 mistake was happened with SQL Server 2000….yes, mistakenly deleted a table values….how to recover..?? It was a great puzzle for me. we have called sql support gurus, no proper help. so i decided to post in group. i got reply, but not yet solved. again i have to debug for option if any.


——————————————Here is my mail and answer i got ———————

~Maheshkumar.R" <> wrote in message
Hi groupz, 

while testing, i have deleted online table values, instead local server. Is
there any command to get back those deleted rows frm that table.
i have used, delete from table where b_id=’ ‘

it deleted all the 150 rows, which i have to recover. please suggest me some
recovery command if any..


Re: mistakenly deleted a table values….how to recover..


You can doa point-in-time restore if you have backup and ur database
recovery is set to FULL.

1. Perform a transaction log backup of the original database (If you have
not performed one)
2. RESTORE DATABASE TEST1 FROM Backupfile(Give the correct backup file /
device name) WITH NORECOVERY
3. Restore the subsequent transaction log files in order of backup WITH
NORECOVERY option till the final transaction log file
4. In the the final transaction log restore mention WITH RECOVERY and
STOPAT=’date and time’

To perform a POINTIN-TIME-RECOVERY your database must be in FULL recovery

SQL Server


Thnkz to Hari,Sql server for sharing his comment.


April 7, 2005 - Posted by | SQL SERVER - My Own code

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