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Pass Variables Between ASP.NET Pages ??

Pass Variables Between ASP.NET Pages

Pass variables between ASP.NET pages as part of a query string in the URL. If your form is not running at server you can also use the Request object to retrieve the values of the form elements (especially hidden input elements for this purpose). However, if you have a form with runat=server, and you don’t want to expose the variables to the user then your choices are limited. Here is a way to pass variables between ASP.NET pages:

1. In your first.aspx add an item to the context.

  Context.Items.Add("m1", firstname.text)
  Context.Items.Add("m2", lastname.text)   

2. In your first.aspx call Server.Transfer to transfer to your secondpage.aspx.

  Server.Transfer("secondpage.aspx", True)

3. In your secondpage.aspx retrieve the variable from the context.
  Dim receivedValue As String

  localtext1.text = Context.Items("m1")
  localtext2.text = Context.Items("m2") 


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Thnks to sathees for rising this question


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