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Update code – ADO.NET – Manually tried

 Here is the code, which i want for my appln. so for i have used only webmatrix to generate all codes. here is, manually written code for my appln.salesport

 ‘Dim ss As Integer
        ‘Dim ra As Integer
        ‘Dim con As New SqlConnection()
        ‘Dim con_str As String
        ‘con_str = Session("CS")
        ‘    con.ConnectionString = con_str
        ‘    con.Open()
        ‘    Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("Update loss_of_contract Set UPDATED=’UPDATED’,agency_name=’mk’, agency_id=1,others_name=’mk1′,reason=1,rate_ss=1,rate_sg=2,rate_si=3,rate_so=4,rate_gm=5,rate_oth=6,remark=’something’ where C_ID=’1’" & cltid.Text, con)
        ‘    ra = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery()
        ‘Catch SQLExp As SqlException
        ‘    If SQLExp.Number = 1212 Then
        ‘        Response.Write("SQL Server Error 1212 Occurred: " & e.ToString())
        ‘    Else
        ‘        Response.Write("An SQL Server Error Occurred: " & e.ToString())
        ‘    End If
        ‘    con.Close()
        ‘    If (ra) Then
        ‘        Response.Write("1 ROWS AFFECTED – SUCCESSFULLY")
        ‘    End If
        ‘End Try

Mahesh kumar.R

25/1/2005 -SIS India Ltd



January 25, 2005 - Posted by | Computers and Internet

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